Build your financial ability.

The best friend your bank never had. FloatMe helps millions of hard working employees get ahead on their finances with overdraft alerts, access to emergency cash, and smarter savings. Get started for free in just 2 minutes.

No credit check. No interest.

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Access to cash when you need it most.

Unexpected emergency this week? At risk for overdraft? Advance up to $50 of your pay instantly or a few days out. 0% interest cash advance.

Or as we like to call it, a float!

Overdraft risk alerts.

With FloatMe, we'll predict and let you know when your balance is at risk for overdraft. No more expensive overdraft fees!

Build your savings.

Rather than always advancing your pay, we help you build savings starting with your own emergency stash. Establish recurring savings contributions. Took out an advance? Tip yourself for it.

*Auto contributions soon to come.

This app is amazing! I've used it to help me get gas to go to work!
Derrick Brown
Thank you FloatMe for helping me get some groceries this week!
Tanya Clover

Simple pricing.

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Bank grade encryption.

We use bank grade 256-bit encryption to maintain the highest levels of
security with your data.

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decisions start now.

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